Silicone Lights

Intimate lighting for intimate places; electromagnetically sensative lights

Started on 01/09/2001

The lights are opaque silicone orbs that contain a light source and a rechargeable power cell. When stored in an inert space they are inactive, when placed in an active space they glow.

The silicone-lights developed from the initial suggestion to reverse the traditional notion of removing electricity from a bulb, (by the use of a light switch) and instead remove the bulb from the electricity. This applied to one of our preliminary aims that people should be able to conceive of the purpose of a system with minimum explanation then explore, learn and adapt it for themselves.

The main aim of the lights is to generate an awareness of object placement within active or inactive spaces. From these early ideas, discussions and experiments led to the formulation of structures involving silicon, reed switches, magnets and LED’s. After the production of several test-rigs they were combined into the first prototype for the silicone-lights.

The personal act of placement provides points of reference within this lucid interface. The act of placement is an engaging process, the story told by the placement of intimate, controlled lighting references the nuance of the candle.

The lights are very simplistic; they constitute an open system for people to apply their own uses.

The lights can be charged in two ways, the first method as shown in the pictures is by connecting two wires which are pushed into the silicone. The other method involves inductive charging.