Proposal for peer-to-peer, community file sharing – the more space you give, the safer your files are.

Started on 07/10/2004

“Find, define and communicate a social or economic ‘contradictory behaviour or practice.’ We then want you to design a service to help us engage, re-configure, manage and live with it.” Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (RSA) competition entitled ‘Re-Designing States of Minds’ 2004

3eyes Chosen contradiction:

“It is only slightly facetious, to say that digital information lasts forever, or five years, whichever comes first.” Jeff Rothenberg

We divided this contradiction into two basic problems: failure and obsolescence (of storage media, hardware and software).

‘DeepFreeze’ is a proposed network of distributed peer-to-peer, community file sharing for backing-up valuable digital data.

DeepFreeze would compress, encrypt, and fragment people’s files. These fragments would then be multiplied across the network. DeepFreeze peers would allocate space on their machines to store other people’s encrypted file fragments. This is secure because no one else actually has your files, just fragments of them; we call these fragments ‘slush’.

DeepFreeze invites people to review their digital media and then make sacrifices according to its worth; the more space that you allocate (on your machine) for other peoples’ back-ups, the more multiples of your fragments are stored on other people’s machines. So the more space you give, the safer your files are.