I want this guy to have a video-camera for a head

Started on 20/05/2001

Design and construction of prop for director Ian Anderson, to be worn by the main character in his film: P.O.V (2001).

This helmet was constructed using the basic components from 3 video cameras. The chassis of the biggest camera was gutted and the width extruded to accommodate the actors head.

Various components were then added back to this chassis to give the impression of a working (mutated) video camera. The actor can see with his left eye through the rubber aperture on the lower front of the helmet. Batteries were added to power the recording lights. A new fitting was fabricated for the lens so that it could be cleaned in a proposed scene. The power pack projecting from the back of the unit was filled with lead plate in order to balance the heavy front end. Finally the unit was lined with foam to cushion the actors head.

For this piece Theo took much inspiration from the movement and balance of the infamous ‘pixar lamps’.