Punish bad technology

Started on 22/10/2004

Our daily lives are saturated with advertisements that promote products and services that we are told that we need in order to live the lifestyles that we aspire to. However, advertisement promises are often not kept.

Our consumer voice is rarely heard if things are designed badly or designed to obsolesce to encourage further spending.

What if you were to evaluate the advertisement promises in your life, then de-face the products and services that don’t perform? Stick your stickers; let other people know how you feel about the things that surround you.

Where will you stick your stickers? They don’t have to go on small, techie devices. You may want to stick them on a building, or a bus, or a policeman, or a hamburger; on something you love, or on something you hate.

Will your stickers be a warning to others, a reminder to yourself, or a vent for your frustrations?

Will you be committing a crime or doing a public service when you stick your sticker?

Some of the stickers are blank – so you can write or draw warnings of your own.

To request a sticker set – please email us. Please let us know where you stick your stickers. If you email us a photo then we’ll include it in the gallery of pictures below.

Original artwork and stickers produced by 3eyes in conspiracy with the Interaction Design Department at The Royal College of Art.

‘They’ have been warned…