Pilot digital-TV broadcast to mobile phones – IP DataCasting (IPDC).

Started on 01/03/2005

Additional collaborator: Aki-Ville Pöykiö

SnadiTV allowed users to contribute local news via MMS using one of 250 Nokia 7710 mobile phones provided for the trial. The news items were sent as pictures or video and could be tagged with a location in Helsinki. Anyone watching the broadcast would see a map of Helsinki pan and zoom to show fresh news items as they came in. The news - consiting of contributed media clips and comments - would be placed on the map showing the location that where it originated.

SnadiTV was a pilot channel broadcast as part of Finland's digital-TV to mobile phone pilot.

The aim of the pilot, that began in the autumn of 2004, is to gain experience about real end-user acceptance for mobile broadcasting services. (FinnishMobileTV)

The pilot employed IP Datacasting (IPDC) which conforms to the DVB-M standard. This is hoped to become the standard for Mobile-TV transmissions. Several companies contributed to the pilot: Nokia, MTV, Digita, Elisa, Nelonen, Sonera and YLE (The Finnish Broadcasting Company).

An NDA prevents any further disclosure of the project.