Future Something Project

Mentoring disadvantaged young people through an interaction design prototyping process.

Started on 17/01/2005

3eyes & additional Collaborators: Mo-ling Chui (themcdc.com) John Murdoch (untellect.com) Toby Keridge (interaction.rca.ac.uk) Crispin Jones (mr-jones.org) Artswork.org

Future Something is an Artswork project (funded by Nesta) providing groups of disadvantaged young people with the opportunity to engage with a modular design process.

Support is provided by mentors who specialise in design research, interaction design, media, prototype construction, marketing and more. Mo-ling approached Theo to mentor for the projects’ Prototyping module, to which Theo brought his considerable interaction design and hardware hacking skills.

Theo mentored the ‘Gatwick Group’; conducting workshops in Gatwick Airport in a space graciously provided by British Airlines. Projects created by the young people included: