European Parliament Installations

Sound and video installations for Welsh Week 2001

Started on 16/02/2001

Additional collaborators: Pete Appleton, Steve Thompson.

Double installation for the Welsh Week 2001 in the European Parliament and various European Commission Buildings in Brussels, Belgium.

Sound installation: Concrete cubes that play Welsh specific sounds when triggered by people moving near them. Each cube has one face containing a speaker and a passive infrared sensor, and another face containing a solar panel. The cubes can be placed anywhere that is light enough to keep their batteries charged. The cubes were arranged atop tripods of wood and steel; aesthetically syncopated with the video installation screens.

Video installation: Welsh specific imagery projected onto two screens. The screens were suspended from two crossed tree branches that were supported by a steel base. The centre of the X was a lead plate bearing a medieval Welsh carving. The projections were proximity triggered and had an accompanying audio soundtrack.