Dynamo Dresden Showcase Event.

Stage experience for Plastic Raygun Records. {watch video}

Started on 01/05/2002

Additional collaborator: John Ingham

Plastic Raygun Records approached 3eyes to become involved with their Dynamo Dresden project. The group Dynamo Dresden currently has three members; Maf Lewis, Tara Busch and Rohan Tarry.

In collaboration with interactive artist John Ingham, 3eyes were asked to conceptualise and implement a ‘live experience’ for the group’s showcase event at Clwb Ifor Bach (The Welsh Club) in Cardiff.

The stage contained three intersecting planes of contorted white fabric. The planes were distorted into translucent organic forms, which allowed projected visuals to bleed into one another. This structure framed the band by forming an encompassing arch. In order to separate Breakneck, (the scratch DJ), from the band members, we utilised the translucent properties of the planes to ‘hide’ him behind the main plane. We controlled lighting to manipulate the translucency of the planes giving us the ability to make him appear or disappear at our will.

Five data projectors were used to throw visuals onto the planes. We created software that enabled the mixing of 100 visual samples. The controller had access to any sample at any time. Each sample could be run at varying speed, either forwards and backwards, paused instantly, cut, or faded to black. This software was run on a network of three computers each of which contained a separate stock of visual samples. This ran parallel to the rest of our system, giving the controller access to a video mixing desk, three live cameras (one roaming, two fixed), and a stock of over 300 visual samples.