Aware Masterclass

Exploring mobile experience and practice with leading researchers and media artists in Australia.

Started on 07/01/2005

3eyes & additional collaborators:dLux Media Arts Centre, Andrew Paterson

The Aware Masterclass was a 4 day workshop that gave us the opportunity to share our expertise, practice and experience working with mobile devices with leading media artists and researchers in the emerging mobile discourse. This workshop was facilitated by dLux Media Arts Centre and took place in Sydney (AS) in Janurary 2005.

The workshop focused on working methodologies, approaches, technological architectures, and solutions for working in the mobile discourse and consisted of discussions, hands on excercises and technical sessions.

As part of the workshop the 1-day Mobile Journeys conference offered participants the opportunity to speak to leading professionals and academics about working between both the commercial and academic domains.

[The conference] explored key trends in mobile content consumption; outlined the technical aspects of content creation; examined mobile culture and explored scenarios for the future usage of mobile content; discussed the artistic and commercial potential for content both within Australia and for export. (Mobile joruneys forum)