AVDJ deck
(Audio-Visual-Disk-Jockey vinyl turntable)

Scratching video and audio at the same time, without the need for special vinyl or a new deck {watch video}

Started on 01/05/2002

Part 1 of a 2-part project (also see Dynamo Dresden Showcase Event)

Plastic Raygun Records” approached 3eyes to become involved with their Dynamo Dresden project. The group Dynamo Dresden currently has three members; Maf Lewis, Tara Busch and Rohan Tarry.

3eyes were asked to conceptualise and implement a ‘live experience’ for the group’s showcase event at Clwb Ifor Bach (The Welsh Club) in Cardiff.

Using experienced gained from the ‘Hodderdoda’ project we constructed the AVDJ deck. This device optically registers the speed and direction in which the vinyl rotates.

Using software written by us, this information is then translated into frame based movement within a given digital video file. The net result is that an act of turntablism can enable the user to directly manipulate a visual image in addition to an audio sample. The extent of the visual manipulation is directly comparable to the extent of the audio manipulation.

The sensitivity of the software can be adjusted through a wide range in order that a specific DJ style or technique can be used to full effect, these sensitivities can be saved, independently of one another, or they can be set ‘live’ using a sensitivity control panel.

The AVDJ deck is in fact a steel deck plate that can be fitted to any Technics 1200 or 1210 turntable in less than 10 seconds, – the 1200 and 1210 being the ubiquitous, industry standard deck found in literally all clubs.

The AVDJ deck proved so successful that it became a major component of the event; Plastic Raygun decided to hire a professional scratch DJ (Breakneck) in order to maximise the impact of the device.

In most clubs the lighting and visuals are controlled by a technician associated with that particular club, one of the strengths of the AVDJ deck is that it gives the traditional DJ control of both the audio and visual elements of their performance. This is appreciated by the audience, who respond to the fact that they can see the DJ directly manipulating both the sound and visuals together.